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Casetext's legal databases

Primary law databases

See which cases, statutes, regs, rules, and other materials you can search on Casetext.

3 min

Advanced databases

Access the Black Letter Law and Holdings databases to get answers fast.

3 min

Briefs & analysis

Search filed briefs and articles written by attorneys analyzing legal developments.

3 min

Searching the law

Save and use on-point authorities

Use copy-with-citation, bookmarking, foldering, and other features.

2 min

citator system

See how a case has been cited, discussed, applied, and quoted.

4 min


Review cited authorities from your brief

Use CARA to generate an interactive list of authorities cited in a brief in seconds.

4 min

Advanced features

Researching with CARA A.I.

Upload a complaint or brief and CARA A.I. will find on-point cases for you in seconds.

2 min

Getting started 
with Casetext

This 5-minute overview will help you get the most out of Casetext.

5 min

Keyword search

Use keywords, boolean queries, and jurisdiction filters to search the law.

3 min

Narrow search results

Use advanced filters to narrow your results to on-point cases.

4 min

Use the typeahead to find cases, statutes, and articles fast.

2 min

Find specific cases fast

Find new cases with CARA

Find on-point cases that were not cited in the original document.

2 min

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