Casetext is a smaller, newer legal research company taking on
multibillion-dollar goliaths. 
So why go with us?

When you’re smaller, you try harder—or else

We know we're not one of the "big guys." We've been around since the 2010s, not  the 1860s. We're smaller — by over 1,000 employees. You probably didn't learn about us in law school. 

We know we're the underdog, going up against multibillion-dollar legal research goliaths. We know we'll be smashed if we don't outdo, outwork, and outserve.

We out-innovate, because we must

Like when we introduced award-winning artificial intelligence legal research, CARA A.I., that a recent study shows makes your research 24.5% faster and 20.8% more relevant. If you're like most lawyers, you'll save between 132 to 210 hours of research every year.

And we have to do as well as the other guys in functionality and content, including: cases, statutes, and regulations. Fast, accurate search. Red flags on cases that have been overturned and reversed. Copy with cite. Over 500,000 articles written by attorneys on every topic of law. Two-column PDFs. The key passages in cases highlighted for you. Briefs.

We're far from a monopoly—so pricing is affordable, transparent, and all-inclusive

The other guys have had a near-monopoly for decades. They know it, and they act like it. Complex contracts, NDAs, multi-year lock-ins, out-of-plan charges... 

We're the new guys, and we couldn't do all that even if we wanted to (and we don't).

On Casetext, our plan is transparent, all-inclusive, and at unbeatable price—just $65 a month for an annual subscription, $89 for month to month. No exceptions, gotchas, exclusions, or out-of-plan fees. Yes, you get everything we have to offer.*

Seriously, no fine print!

We can't afford to take anything for granted, especially you

We pride ourselves on our service. Need a training? You'll get one from a Casetext specialist for free. You can put time on our calendars right now. Have a question? Start a chat on any page of the site. Have a request for a feature or to expand our content database? Let us impress you with how quickly we add it.

If you bet on the underdog, you wouldn't be the only one

We may not have every firm, lawyer, or judge on board. But we definitely have the forward-thinking ones.

Over two dozen large firms like Quinn Emanuel, DLA Piper, White & Case, Baker Donelson, Fenwick & West, and others we can't name in the AmLaw 100 are among our subscribers. So are more than 500 solo attorneys and small firms. So are federal and state judges. 

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