CARA Tutorial: Automate your research.

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Know you haven’t missed a key case.

Run drafts through CARA before filing to make sure you haven’t missed authority that supports your client’s position.

As easy as drag-and-drop.

CARA requires no training, and is easy and intuitive to use. Just drag-and-drop your document into CARA, and that's it!

Secure and confidential.

Documents uploaded to CARA are not stored by Casetext; they are deleted from Casetext’s servers immediately after CARA processes the document to find your results. During processing, everything is end-to-end encrypted and protected by Casetext's bank-level security.

With CARA you can upload a brief or memo and in seconds CARA will return a list of suggested cases that are relevant to, but not cited in, your original document. 

Watch the 3-minute video and get started!

Start using CARA now!

CARA is your automated Case Analysis Research Assistant.

CARA is a new way of searching the law that discovers critical information that traditional research can miss. Securely upload a brief, memo, or any document that cites to cases and statutes, and CARA runs a complex analysis uniquely tailored to the issues you're working on. Don't miss information you may need to win your case.

“Mind = blown... A solution like this has been needed for a long time.”

- Partner, AmLaw 10 Law Firm

Start using CARA now!