We support attorneys who fight for civil liberties and civil rights.

Important issues implicating our rights and liberties will be worked out in the courts in the coming months. The lawsuits challenging Trump's action on immigration are the first of many, and the resulting precedents will likely reverberate for decades.

Casetext’s tools help lawyers represent their clients more effectively. When lawyers want to know they’re accessing the best information and when time is of the essence, they use  CARA, Casetext’s automated research assistant.

Right now there are a few clients in particular in need of the best possible representation: those seeking to protect and uphold their civil liberties, civil rights, and the Constitution. As a company and as individuals, we want to do everything we can to help. If you’re a lawyer fighting for civil rights and civil liberties, fill out this form to get free access to Casetext’s premium legal research tools, including CARA. 

Thank you for the work you’re doing to defend our rights. We hope Casetext can help.

Jacob Heller
CEO, Casetext, Inc.

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